Jumat, 30 Agustus 2013

Floating on the Surface


Floating on the surface. becoming one with nature, let it flow, let it wash away, let if fade.. There was shiny sand on the edge, white and creamy. The water feels like so warm indeed.

There were two Russian playing with water a whole day along sea side. An Italian old man who really curious that too much thinking of.. and two Sumatra's. We were spend our day just playing around, tried to catch something, ran around, fooled around.

Feels like no other creature around. I take my gap, feels like just me on this planet. Sun looks like bite me a bit, touch me like an ant. Sometimes saw something from another point, different places, different angle of this place, and the intuition of nomads lead this soul somewhere.

July 11, 2013
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Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013

Dead Man Down


There is a moment that the limit of human strength deep down. We were just push our self so hard and deep. When obsession fuck everything inside, pull every inch of cell and psyche. Sometime the gap was so far and big. We can't reach the point easy as we through this. How our body need to sterilize with something inside that not really same as chemical things.

August 29, 2013
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Talago Dewi


It was dark, misty, blur, and really strange smell of soil and moss. Heavy rain and windy were so yummy like they want to shake every corner of the branch. The scene of tropical forest, windy, and cold freezing air mix with untouched land that was so unexpected land.

Talago Dewi
August 12-13, 2013
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Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013

Singgalang 23

August 12 - 13, 2013
Singgalang Mountain 2,877 m (9,439 ft) - Talago Dewi
West Sumatra - indonesia

The creamy soil, mix with tropic rain fried into the clouds. there were some tiny creature hang around for living. The air need to throw the ashes, becoming dark, and clumsy. Some leaves looks like more green than usual, the water just keep silent and waving if theres something come over.

The texture and the jungle a bit more wet and messy, lot of water sources, really real tropical forest.

The day I was so full of something weird. Something across my mind going to this mountain, Fandy ask me to join with seven other his friends, and I also ask Willy kurniawan for this one. Well ten of us finally trough this one.

We didn't reach the top, we just catch Talago Dewi. There was a bit cold, around 5-7 'c.

pictures taken by Willy Kurniawan

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